The Day Care That You and Your Child Deserve

Safe, flexible child care services for any parent on the go

You make sure that your child eats healthy, limits screen time and finds nonstop learning opportunities. When it comes to child care, the same should apply. You deserve to be supported by a day care that prioritizes your child's growth and learning, no matter what your work schedule or budget look like.

When you need safe, reliable child care, count on My Baby's Day Care, Inc. in Buffalo, NY. We offer superior children's services that are so dependable, educational and fun that your child may never want to leave. You might find yourself asking to stay, too.

The Staff is Vaccinated and they practice social distancing

Trained and certified to address all of your child's needs

My Baby's Day Care may not be home, but our customers rave that it's the next best thing. Our goal is to make your child feel as safe and comfortable as possible while you're at work.

That's why we design unique programs to inspire your child's growth and distract them from homesickness in ways that include:

  • Local field trips
  • Friend playtime
  • Arts and crafts
  • Skill building

We're trained to care for any child between six weeks and 12 years old, and we're certified to work with children who have learning disabilities.

From potty training to virtual learning, you can trust that your child's needs are covered. Contact us today for your free estimate and consultation.

Why choose My Baby's Day Care?

A day care that doesn't value your child's safety and happiness deserves no further attention. But what about your needs as a parent? When it comes to picking a child care provider, choose a place that supports you too.

Here are three good reasons to choose My Baby's Day Care as your trusted day care service:

  • We open at 5:30 a.m. and close at 11:30 p.m. to accommodate your work schedule
  • We provide laptops and internet so that homework gets done before you arrive
  • We create learning activities that focus on your child's development

No day care can replace a parent, but we'll try hard to fill the gaps while you're busy supporting your family.

Count on us when you need safe, trustworthy child care services that prioritize your needs and those of your child. Reach out now to schedule your tour with My Baby's Day Care.